Wednesday, January 21, 2009


1st off no one be offended by this blog, these r only my opinions and views. Thank you :].
hmmm, well i personally could not date a bisexual man.........its like dating half a man. I like men/guys.............who r very masculine && not all wimpy & soft. If a man is bisexual that means he likes to have sex wit guys.....witch means he likes to get 'effed, in the butt? I dnt want no dude who likes men jus like i do, that's too bizarre for me. But some women r freaks && like to use bisexual men like sex toys r somthin, && if that's you, that's cool, cause it's your body. I think trust ould also be hard in a relationship with i bisexual man, because you never kno if his homeboys r the 1's he's effin. No matter wat yu say, yu kno in da back of yur mind that thot is there like "wat if they're gettin there freak on?" && most straight guys aint gon be all buddy buddy it a bisexual dude, so they're friends either have to be bisexual or us straight up gay. && its the same situation wit bisexual girls. Most guys dnt complain that there girl is bisexual, it jus makes freaky thots run thots run through there head, prolly thinkn "damn can we have a 3some?" Or its jus sexy to them. Not all guys tho, some r against or care about a relationship so much, that they dnt wanna take any chances......watever the case maybe.

&& the other day i met a bisexual girl, im gonna tell yall the story
Ok so i was sitting in the pac (my schools theatre) with two of my other friends, im not gonna use real names, but 1 was a guy and 1 was a girl, so lets call the guy kyle and the girl krissy. Anyway i was sitting there tlkin to kyle and then these two mexican girls came in and set in front of us, then 1 of the mexican girls started looking at me, and whispered somethin to krissy, and i was thinkn damn dats rude so i started mugging her, and krissy looked at me && as laughin and she was like "oh she said yur sexy, cause i see yu lookin over here, but she jus said yur sexy." i was like ohhh thank yu lol. && then kyle was like yah she's bi (he was tlkn bout the mexican girl) && the mexican girl was like r yu bi? && i was like ohhh no im straight, && she thot that was funni, and she was like well im like bi curious (wtf is that??) , but the whole time i would be tlkn to my friends she was jus staring at me makin me feel pretty uncomfortable. But yah, I think bi curious is another word for freaks, like they jus wanna have sex with some1 of the same se, because its goin thouh they're heads.
I've dne my dirt too, but i've learned that my body is a temple, and what be doin whatever with.
&& for the record im straight(& single) i like guys only, and dnt get dn wit gurls like that.

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Unbreakable said...

well i like this post and i have to agree with you,i do often think about three sum,but then it never hapen bcuz the girls i date are just not into that , just like how your not into dating BI men,

i would not date a BI girl either, we both looking at other girls when we go out, that would be too much drama.