Monday, January 19, 2009

Whats the deal??

Ok so i kno yall r gon be askin whats goin on wit me and cyril...............but quite frankly its really none of yur business, all im gonna say is we're over and that's that. Do i still think about him? i still love him? Duh! But i think its best we're apart so i jus needa delete him outta my life for now, maybe somewhere alog the way we'll put the stupid bullshit behind us, but for rite now i dnt want to have anything to do with him. Im done wit all the games, and goin back and forth with each other.
But honestly, no matter if i tlked to other guys in my relationship wit cyril, i put him 1st no matter what, && always claimed him but he dnt understand how i put him b4 anybody and everything. but watever im starting a new chapter in my book. So yah as of now im single, and i like it this way. i'm still working on trying to find myself, inside and out. im ready to put myself 1st this time, in anything i do. && when im ready i'll find some1 better than a dude jus tryna bust nuts all the time :]. I'm a young girl with alot of wants, needs, goals, and dreams, jus like anybody else. i guess now that will be my main focus.

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